Sasha Doll-London


Here are some different things connected to Sasha:-


1.  A paper Elastoplast holder from Switzerland


SashaPlaster.JPG (17655 bytes)


2.  A 45 rpm record sleeve - Yazoo/Don't Go


SashaYahoo.JPG (82405 bytes)


3   Three 'Golden Hands' 1970's English knitting patterns



Left - 1970's Clothkits dress

Right - above pattern knitted up


Left - 1970's Clothkits dress/nightdress

Right - with hand-knit bolero by Jane Woodbridge



Left and Right - Green eyed English baby

(oxidised from brown-eyed)


Rose outfit by Bev Beese


Left - 7" Moni Doll - 1979
Sasha copy by Uranium

Right - MIB Outfit for 7" Moni do









Original advertisement for Sasha dolls for Marshall Field's Dept. store.  using a Studio Sasha wearing a smocked smock dress.






Migros pattern sm.jpg (79768 bytes)

Cover page of original 1960s Migros pattern with Handpainted Sasha features

( click on picture to enlarge )


Sasha Fr School.jpg (286311 bytes)

1984 French leaflet 
(click on thumbnail to enlarge)


and - Sasha is a well-balanced doll
(more original catalogue pictures)

SashaBalance.JPG (9360 bytes)

GregBalance.JPG (11837 bytes)


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