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Hi - my name is Margaret Williams. I live in London, England; .

I have been collecting dolls for more than  twenty years now and as well as Sashas like many different types of dolls:- Here are some of them:-

Barbie dolls:  Cabbage Patch dolls:  Old Cottage dolls:  Sindy dolls:  Peynet dolls:

My other interests include Latin-American Dancing,   foreign travel and holidays, doll shows,  fancy clothes, my friends and family, my computer, and animal liberation.


Here are some photos of myself and partner in our competition days:-

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And here is a photo of me on the Japanese Bridge at Monet's garden in Giverney.

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This is a list of some of the items I would like to add to my collection. If you can help please let me know.

1)   A side-part Sasha in original pink pleat dress -  blonde. ( Yay!!  I have her now!! )

(Here is the brunette side -part in original outfit I was lucky enough to get recently. The only one I have ever seen, yet alone be lucky enough to be offered. I didn't hesitate one second.!!!!! She doesn't have much fringe as far as I can see, the front hair is secured with a bobby pin that seems fixed in with age. I haven't attempted to remove it.)

sidepart.JPG (7256 bytes)                                  


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2) An original  pink striped smock dress for 1960's Gotz Sash       ( Got this one too!! - see above)

E-Mail me at: - :margaretbrooks24@waitrose.com


LINKS - for more information etc.,

Suzanna Lewis websitehttp://www.sashadoll.com/

Joe and Kelly's website - http://www.oursashadolls.com

My Cabbage Patch Kids site - http://www.cabbagepatchlondon.co.uk


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 Thank you for visiting my site. I hope to improve the pictures at a later date. -              

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